Mostly retired spend all my time working on or thinking about boats and outboard motors :)
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Follow our project from start to finish


Materials - What's Best?

Everyone has their favourites and everyone knows "this guy" that used whatever you are considering and had disastrous results.

Our boat can be broken down into a few components:

We need -

LUMBER for the frames, beams, battens, chine, sheer, decking etc

PLYWOOD for the bottom, sides, cabin sides, bulkheads, transom etc

EPOXY to encapsulate all the wood plus lay up the fiberglass cloth

GLUE to glue wood members together

FASTENERS such as nails, screws and bolts as mechanical backups to the glue

PAINT and VARNISH to protect the finished work and give it the appearance we are looking for

There will be obviously some other items, but these seem to be the "biggies" that can lead to knock down, drag out fights between builders.

I will go over what "we" chose and why. I do not profess to be any kind of expert. Our decisions were based on recommendations of the designer, opinions from others combined with the availability and economics of the product and it's suitability for the project we are using it for.

In a project such as this there is sometimes "NO RIGHT ANSWER". There is definitely products you shouldn't use - anything not rated as "marine" or "waterproof" has no place on a boat. Fortunately, there are enough suppliers in the business to give you a variety of choices.

Since some of the discussion on these can get a little long, I will break them into separate articles.
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